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Lesson Plan 1

Age/ grade level: 14-16/ grade 10

Skills taught: Using Sugar Labs, making a simulated machine to carry out a specific task

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the life and works of Rube Goldberg
  • Explain what is a Rube Goldberg Machine
  • Independently use the Physics Activity in Sugar Labs to aid in their learning
  • Understand the importance of engineering and simulation

Lesson Flow:

Activity Estimated Time
Introduction to Rube Goldberg Machine:
  • Who is Rube Goldberg?
  • History of Rube Goldberg
  • Works of Rube Goldberg
  • Rube Goldberg Machine and its uses
30-45 minutes
Introduction to Sugar Labs and Physics Activity:
  • What Sugar Labs do?
  • Why Sugar Labs?
  • Using the Physics Activity
30-45 minutes
Hands-on activity: get students to make their own Rube Goldberg Machine that carries out a specific task using the Physics Activity 1 hour
Presentation of student’s own simulated Rube Goldberg Machine Depending on number of students; each student should have around 5-10 minutes of presentation time + 2-3 minutes of Q&A
Wrap Up and Conclusion:
  • Significance of machines and engineering
  • Importance and benefits of simulation in the real world
20-30 minutes

Instructional sequence:

Step Assessment Criteria
1. Use the tools in the Physics Activity to make a simulated Rube Goldberg Machine which carries out a specific task
  • Number of tools/ object used
  • Effectiveness and uniqueness of each step
  • Being able to independently use the activity
2. Presentation of student’s own simulated Rube Goldberg Machine
  • Presentation skills (clarity, eye contact)
  • Content (physics concepts, purpose of the machine)
3. Q&A
  • Able to answer on the spot
  • Confidence
  • Understands the importance of simulation and engineering

Lesson Plan 2

This lesson plan will target students of any age. 
In the lesson, we will learn how to use Browse activity. This activity will help students learn about internet and get started using internet.

Browse Activity

Browse is a simple activity which helps surfing the internet. In other way, it is just a simple but a good web browser. Browse sports some good amount of features. Follow the steps to know how to use the Browse activity.

  1. First of all open Browse activity from home. (It will be a globe like icon.)
    After opening you will know that Browse is easy to use. The style is simple. You will see different types of buttons like navigation buttons and more buttons.

  2. Now how to search?
    Just type anything in the text box you want to search and it will display the results you want to see. By default, the search engine is Google, so you can use google directly. If you want to type an URL, then just type out the URL there like (

  3. The Navigation buttons and bookmarking.
    You can navigate between pages with the help of given buttons. You can use the "Back" button (or CTRL+LEFT) to go to previous page or go forward with the "Forward" button (CTRL+RIGHT). Home button is used to get back to your home page just by a click. You can bookmark any page by clicking on "star" icon so you can access them later just by clicking.

  4. Undo, Redo, Copy and Paste!
    You can of course copy text in Sugar. Now, if you want to copy a specific test from a page, you will need to select/mark that text, hover over the "scissor" icon and press the copy button. Paste is also similar to it. You can also use the undo and redo buttons to revert back to your changes. 

  5. You can also zoom-in, zoom out, and view page in full screen. If you have bookmarked any page you can also choose to show bookmarks tray or not.

  6. Journal and Developer tools.
    You can save your current activity to Journal by clicking on the "diary" icon, giving it name and description. You can make this private or share it with others. By clicking on the "gear" icon, it will open developer tools (only intended for developers).
    By this activity, students will know basics about internet, like how to search, get information, search for a specific article. Students will get to know internet better by using Browse.


  1. URL : (Uniform Resource Locator) is a web address