In biology class Mr. Deepak asks the class to join his Browse activity, and shares a website about sharks with his students.
Kamala reads a webpage about sharks, and learns that shark populations are declining.
Kamala opens a new Write activity, and starts writing her essay.
The schoolbell rings, and Kamala takes her essay and Sugar with her, to finish writing at home.
Kamala walking home.
Kamala sees her friend Sanjey in the Neighborhood. She invites him to help her with her essay, and they begin writing together.
Kamala gets home and later signs back in to Sugar.
With the essay finished and recorded in her Journal, Kamala draws a picture of a shark, and adds it to her Memorize activity.
Kamala working on her Memorize activity.
The next day, Mr. Deepak asks the students to share their homework. Kamala raises her hand.
Kamala opens her essay from the Journal and reads it to the class.
Kamala chatting with her friends in the Neighborhood.
Kamala chatting with her friends in the Neighborhood.
Illustrated by Dongyun Lee /