What makes Sugar different?
  • Sugar facilitates sharing and collaboration: Children can write, share books, or make music together with a single mouse-click.
  • Activities, not applications..
  • Automatic backup of Activity work; no worrying about files or folders. Sugar’s Journal makes it almost impossible to lose any data.
  • The Journal records everything you do: It is a place to reflect upon and evaluate your work.
  • Sugar runs on most computer hardware, including slower machines.
  • Sugar is free software: It is written in the modern Python language and easily customized.
  • Sugar is documented by its users: It is easy to use and teachers worldwide have created a wealth of pedagogical materials for it.
What are the benefits of using Sugar?
  • Hundreds of tools for discovery through exploring, expressing, and sharing: browsing, writing, etc.
  • Built-in collaboration system: peer-to-peer learning; always-on support; and single-click sharing.
  • The Journal is a built-in portfolio assessment tool that serves as a forum for discussion between children, parents, and teachers.
  • A discoverable learning platform: it uses simple means to reach to complex ends.
  • Designed for local appropriation: it has built-in tools for making changes and improvements and a growing global community of support. 25 languages are currently available.
  • An emphasis on learning through doing and debugging: more engaged learners are able to tackle authentic problems.
  • Available in a wide variety of forms: as part of GNU/Linux distributions; LiveCD, LiveUSB; and in a virtual machine.
What are the Sugar advantages?
  • Superior pedagogical framework
  • Unique collaboration and journaling (evaluation) features
  • Large & successful installed base with hundreds of activities
  • Large and committed community base (both developers and teachers)
  • 24/7 community support; training and workshop materials available
  • Rapidly expanding teacher-driven development
  • Easily localizable and customizable
  • Free open source software: no licensing fees
  • A global project: no single point of dependency or failure
  • Great potential for local job creation